God of War III Walkthrough: Prologue- Poseidon



After the epic introduction, you will find Kratos on board in Gaia’s shoulder. A horde of Olympian Sentry will be falling to Gaia and Kratos will have to fight them. If this is the first time you are playing God of War III, I highly suggest reading the mini-tutorial window that will appear on the left hand side of your screen. As it will teach you to the basics of attacking and blocking.

NOTE: Kratos has a new skill exclusively for this game. When you grab an Olympian Sentry with the circle button, you can use him to ram other enemies while running. This is a great skill when you get flocked with lots of Olympian Sentries.

After defeating the first wave of Sentries, Gaia will ask you to free her from Poseidon. A new wave of enemies will arrive and this time, your magic will be introduced. Press R2 to use your Tornado magic.

With the sentries all defeated, lift Gaia’s branch by pressing R1. Head down towards her arm. You will be facing a few Sentries here. At the end of the road, you will meet Poseidon’s Limbs.

BOSS 1: Poseidon’s Limbs

First Phase

Poseidon’s Limbs can deal massive damage if you fail to dodge its Water Gun attack. It can drain your health rapidly. Rolling around will help you evade its attack. Learn how he moves and when you see a time when the Spider is just rolling around its head, spam it with your attacks or magic.

Second Phase

You are now hanging to the wall. Approach the Poseidon’s Limbs and attack it. Watch out for its legs.

Third Phase

Back in Gaia’s arm, do the same thing you did in the first phase of this boss. After dealing a decent amount of damage to the boss, get yourself ready for a Quick Time Event.

Poseidon’s Limbs will flee and you find yourself hanging on Mount Olympus after the scene.

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