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Good: New characters get a chance to shine, Stage effects Can be exciting
Bad: Most of the story is missing, Key characters aren't playable, Not a lot of content
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Anime/manga games tend to be deeply rooted in fan service. They offer a new way to experience the story, along with a way to decide who would win in a fight. On the surface this stuff is great, but typically depth is sacrificed for bloated rosters, fan service and things of the like. One Piece Burning Blood is a fighting game that takes a handful of characters, plus countless more as support and tries to offer an experience that is both satisfying and enjoyable for fans. With so much going for it, is One Piece Burning Blood a must for fans or an insult to a beloved series?

One Piece Burning Blood takes an interesting approach to the series story. Instead of telling the whole story or at least the back half of it, it jumps to the Marineford arc, an event that takes place over 500 chapters into the series and then tells that story from multiple perspectives. To make matters worse, the story itself is told through static images with narration and the occasional cutscene. Fans can expect to be underwhelmed, with it offering nothing to newcomers besides confusion.


Unfortunately, the gameplay and roster are just as underwhelming. Similar to all the story missing, there are a number of notable characters that aren’t playable. These include Arlong, Rob Lucci, Kuro and more being support, with some not even getting that.  Likewise, there are some interesting choices, such as Jozu, Drake, Kid and Koala, but they don’t make up for missing key characters like Rob.

As far as the gameplay goes, there is very little to see. Fights take place on a handful of notable locations, in a 3D field. Every character has a couple of basic attacks, along with special moves that you can use to aid you in battle. From there One Piece Burning Blood offers a little depth by giving you the power to swap characters, guard, guard break, counter, super mode (like gear two) and so forth. These help make the combat feel a little deeper, though there isn’t much to it.

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One Piece Burning Blood Review, 9.6 out of 10 based on 9 ratings
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