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Nostalgia is a powerful force, but lately its been getting out of hand. Instead focusing on new adventures or settings, we’re instead revisiting past favorites. While this can be great in moderation, we’re at the point where random games from the past are given another chance to shine. The latest, Shadow of the Beast, is based on the 1989 Amiga title of the same. With a decent legacy and brutal gameplay, is Shadow of the Beast a must or is it all flash?

Shadow of the Beast is your generic, evil guy creates a monster that turns on its master. Not only is the premise pretty boring, Shadow of the Beast has the worst story presentation in recent memory.

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Very little is explained throughout the gameplay sections, but there is enough context to figure out the basic gist. Most of the actual story is told through collectible orbs and rewards for finishing a level. These scenes tend to be a minute or so, elaborating on events that have already happened or set up the next trial. The flaw with these cutscenes is that they add very little and what little they add is pretty pointless.

Another extremely frustrating aspect to Shadow of the Beast, is you don’t understand any of your enemies languages. This means any spoken dialogue appears in unreadable subtitles. To read the dialogue you need to buy an extremely expensive item and revisit the stages. If that’s not annoying enough, a lot of the dialogue that I saw you could’ve probably guessed from context.

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