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Overwatch is the brand new squad-based first person shooter title from Blizzard, which pits two teams of 6 heroes against each other. Each team is equipped with unique weaponry, heroes must use their special abilities to, as a team, either attack or defend objectives. It sounds like a tried and tested formula but Overwatch manages to add its own flair, whilst drawing on inspiration from similar games.

A simple way of describing Overwatch would be an first person shooter which is reminiscent of Valve’s iconic Team Fortress 2, but with a wider variety of characters to choose from. Heroes are broken down into fairly standard roles of Offensive, Defensive, Tank and Medic: although, some heroes seem to fall outside of these set roles and can be utilized for both attack and defense. Bastion for example can turn himself into a turret and help defend a point from oncoming attackers. He sounds perfect for defense yet, by using his ultimate, he can change form into a tank and clear a defending team off an objective point. Despite the fact that he is a defensive styled character, as with a number of the heroes in Overwatch, Bastion can wreak havoc if played in an offensive style.

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The map designs also aids this potential havoc. Players can flank an unobservant enemy team and take players out from behind. It can be easy to rack up a few significant kills by getting an otherwise defensive hero, or any hero for that matter, behind enemy lines. Levels are designed with balance in mind. Different characters are suited to sections of maps, with some able to pick targets off at range, great for large open sections, and other dominate in close quarters, due to their weaponry or abilities.

Upon learning about the lack of a generic sprint button I must admit I was dubious, however instead of closing the door on a feature it opens up a new world of power-based potential. Without having a sprint ability tanks feel noticeably heavier and slower, with the faster heroes with dash or sprint like abilities able to dart around the map. Instead of noticing when a character lacks the ability to sprint you instead notice when you can speed around the map. It also allows units without sprint to benefit from powers such as shields or secondary explosives, so can be seen as more of a balancing feature than a lack of one.

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