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Around five years ago, Homefront received a lot of hype before its release but was later criticized due to a lot of shortcomings the game had. It wasn’t received well by a lot of people though in an attempt to give the franchise a chance to redeem themselves, a new team was tasked to make a follow up title to Homefront and created Homefront: The Revolution. Bringing back the somewhat same concept when it comes to the story and attempting to reinvigorate the gameplay by making it open-world, did the new developer, Dumbuster Studios, do a great job in order to make this game a must-buy?

The story of Homefront: The Revolution takes place in the distant future of sunny Philadelphia where North Korea has once again invaded the United States. You play as a member of the resistance group who will do anything to stop the communist party of Korea and hope to overthrow them away from the United States. Those who are looking for a deep story, Homefront: The Revolution somehow does that but not to the extent people will get interested to see the end of the game’s story. At first, the premise of the story is interesting but as you go through the twenty-hour or so campaign, it slowly drags down, making it a generic story. Some of the game’s characters are interesting, though the majority of them are shallow making them forgettable.


With the game being open-world this time around, you can expect yourself to spend time walking through the city and enjoying the somewhat futuristic design. Missions are scattered throughout Philadelphia and the scale of the areas you’ll explore are pretty big. You’ll get several missions from the resistance group and you’ll receive certain vehicles to help you travel from one point to another. In the first few hours of doing missions for the resistance group, you’ll find the missions seem to be varied but you’ll notice that the more missions you do, the more repetitive it gets, making it a drag to do them. Those who wish to get rare items, you might as well do them as good rewards await at some of the tedious missions of the game.

As a part of the resistance group, there will be a decent amount of missions where you’ll have to infiltrate the enemy zones. Those who are hoping they can do a stealth-style missions similar to Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, prepare to be disappointed. Despite the game trying to implement a stealth-approach at some of its missions, the game fails in executing it as even though you are hiding very good, you’ll get detected. Yes, you might wonder at times if the game is broken as no matter how stealthily you approach a mission, you’ll eventually get caught. I tried numerous times in not getting caught but I still got the same outcome and it was a very frustrating experience for me.

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Homefront: The Revolution Review, 6.8 out of 10 based on 5 ratings
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