Destiny’s Latest Update Makes Things Exciting Again

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When we called Destiny the worst game of 2015, the opinion of our readers was quite divisive. Some people agreed, where as others thought I had little to no experience with the game. The funny thing is my, for lack of a better term, love for Destiny is precisely why it won the most disappointing game the past two years. Its been a constant battle of fixing one problem, while creating another problem. Vault of Glass gear was too rare, Crota’s End was tedious, etheric light made progression too quick/easy and infusion failed to accomplish its end goal. Listening to our complaints, while trying to fix up the game, the April update offers a lot of potential, but is it enough to bring Destiny back in our good graces?

The April update starts by not only fixing the infusion system, by making it a straight one-to-one trade, it also adds smarter loot. Now you’ll find things within a certain range, with exotic engrams, raid drops and packages offering light either at or above your current level. So, even if the drop itself is terrible, at least you can use it to make something you like better. Sure most of this will be forgetting over the next couple of weeks, but it’s still good to see the system improve.


Along with a better infusion system, we get a new and improved Prison of Elders too. The new level 41 PoE is little more than an upgraded 28. There are five rounds, matchmaking is enabled, there is a boss at the end and most rooms have an objective, in addition to simply defeating enemies. As for the level 42 version, it does a good job addressing some common concerns with PoE.

Instead of the previous six rooms, with a raid tier boss at the end, the 42 PoE is three rooms built around a mini-game of sorts. There are bosses, modifiers and waves of enemies, but if you want to score high enough, you need to manage all these things, both quickly and effectively. Killing enemies the wrong way leaves points on the table, with taking too long potentially resulting in a point reduction. Unless later weeks prove more challenging, this all seems quite manageable, even by a team of undergeared people. Best of all, you get a new piece of armor and weapon, which will probably be at a higher light, for maybe 45 minutes of playing. Not to mention the new PoE has new loot to pick up, with a pretty good chance of getting one of the exclusive year two versions of the original PoE weapons (my team averaged getting one every run or two).

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