Injustice: Gods Among Us – Ultimate Edition (PS Vita) Review

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Following the success of the Mortal Kombat reboot on consoles and its launch on the PS Vita, a new game from NetherRealm was released this year where characters from the DC universe join up in Injustice: Gods Among Us. The success of the game was commendable when it was released several months ago and with that success, a PS Vita version was announced to be coming by Armature. Including the original game with bunch of DLCs, how does the PS Vita version perform compared to the console version?

The Ultimate Edition on the PS Vita comes with the original content and everything I love from the console version is here. One of the highlights in Injustice is the storyline. For those who have seen the impressive storytelling that NetherRealm did with the reboot of Mortal Kombat, you can expect same treatment here in this game. Spanning up to two hours of an exciting storyline, you will be playing as several key characters in this game as you fight different opponents from within the DC universe like the Joker and Shazam. The way the story goes is similar to Mortal Kombat where you will watch a long cutscene where it will eventually lead into the character you’re playing as fighting an opponent. The pacing is great and if you have been watching DC movies, you can think of the presentation and storyline for this game to be of a very high quality.

The story of Injustice: Gods Among Us focuses around the several characters of the Justice League. In an alternate reality, Superman is tricked into killing Lois Lane and his baby by the Joker, which later turns into him destroying Metropolis by a nuclear bomb. To avenge the death of Lois Lane and her baby, Superman kills Joker and establishes a new world order where plans to almost take over the whole world. With Superman being the bad guy and Batman doing anything to stop him, Batman has found a way to seek help from the other members of the Justice League in the real world where characters like Wonder Woman, Green Arrow, Aquaman, and Green Latern will be joining him. Now, the fight between Superman and Batman will begin.

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During the story-mode and a certain part of the STAR Lab Missions, you will encounter several mini games where it will involve you doing all kinds of gestures on the touch screen. Whenever you see a character like that coming after you, a series of gestures will need to be done. Successfully do the mini game and you will get to skip a fight. Aside from touchscreens, there are also quick time events that you will have to do.

In addition to the original content like the story mode, the Ultimate Edition also consists of all STAR Lab Missions that was released on consoles. In STAR Lab Missions, you will be tasked to do several objectives as you fight several characters. Depending on your performance, you will be given stars at the end of each mission. There are a total of sixty missions and it’s guaranteed that it will take you hours before you get to complete it. As for other DLCs, characters like Scorpion and Lobo will also be playable in the game.

Porting a game from a console to a portable version compromises a lot of things and it can be seen in the Vita version of Injustice. If you were impressed on the movie-quality and impressive visuals from the console, you will be disappointed when you play the game on the PS Vita. The pristine detail is lost where it felt like Armature did too much compression of the game. The facial features of the characters are distorted and looks muddy most of the time. As for its cutscenes, it’s not as crisp as you will see pixels. Those who will play this game on the PS Vita shouldn’t expect HD visuals.

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Injustice: Gods Among Us - Ultimate Edition (PS Vita) Review, 8.2 out of 10 based on 39 ratings
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